Viborg, October 10 2023

SAMSON and PICHON slurry tankers and solid fertiliser spreaders receives EU homologation approval

Following two years of preparations, field tests, and external assessments, SAMSON GROUP A/S has received the approval that SAMSON and PICHON agricultural vehicles meets all EU safety, environmental and conformity of production requirements. SAMSON GROUP A/S is one of the first slurry tanker and spreader manufacturers to receive the approval.

Thus, SAMSON GROUP A/S continues to demonstrate their role as frontrunner and their dedication to excellence
and innovation in their line of business. With the approval, the group’s vehicles are now authorized for operation
on roads in the EU member countries.

Increased road safety and smooth resale opportunities across all European countries

With the approval in place, from now on all SAMSON and PICHON vehicles will be supplied with a unique legal
document “Certificate of Conformity” (COC), replacing local certification of vehicles. COC documents cannot be
duplicated and are specific to each vehicle. Quality control measures have been implemented throughout SAMSON
GROUP’s three production sites in Denmark, France and Poland to ensure that every single vehicle meets the
specified standards.

“The safety when operating agricultural machinery on the road has been debated for years and we have had intense focus on road safety for several years, for example equipping our vehicles with dual-circuit braking systems. Having the EU type approval, we can now officially document to customers and authorities that SAMSON and PICHON vehicles are designed not only for specific specialised tasks in-field but also for safe operation on road networks. The approval confirms that we meet the highest EU quality and safety standards” says Niels Hagemann Haubjerg Head of Product Management & Academy.

Benefits of the EU homologation approval includes not only practical safety measures, including maximum axle
load, range of wheel sizes, and drawbar support load and a rear end that is dimensioned to minimise damage in
the event of a collision, the EU type-approval also enables smooth resale opportunities across all European countries contributing to the long-term value of SAMSON and PICHON tankers and spreaders.

Going forward it is up to the customers to choose whether their new SAMSON or PICHON vehicle should be
delivered with or without an EU homologation and COC document. This option is to be selected when ordering and
configuring a vehicle from the group. Customers that choose the EU homologation option will automatically receive
a COC document together with their vehicle upon delivery. “We look very much forward to being able to offer this opportunity to new and existing customers. The demand is there and now we can deliver” concludes says Niels Hagemann Haubjerg.

The EU homologation approval applies to SAMSON and PIHON vehicles with a transport axle (semi-mounted
machines). Vehicles without a transport axle (mounted machines) remain subject of national approvals. The accredited, independent provider of engineering services, TÜV NORD Institute for Vehicle Technology and Mobility,
supported SAMSON GROUP with detailed technical testing and advice during the assessment.

ABOUT EUROPEAN homologation (1)

Homologation is the term for the whole vehicle approval process. An approval is a government-issued certificate
that allows a product to enter a market. It starts with initial assessments followed by tests according to standards and directives, up to the preparation of substantiated technical reports to forward to the authorities in order to
obtain the final approval.


and Samson Agrolize A/S and AB. The group owns the SAMSON and PICHON brands and is one of Europe’s leading
suppliers of natural fertiliser machines and associated in-field application technology. SAMSON GROUP has several
state-of-the-art production facilities in Denmark, France and Poland and sells its products through a wellestablished
dealer network.

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