EL71 – Opening flat disc injector

Width: 3 to 5.70 m
atypix shooting tonne sv18r 33 (web)


Our EL71 model is ideal for injecting slurry after harvest or on bare soil. It cuts vertically into the ground without any disturbance. The slurry access to the plant’s roots is made easier, and the plant cover is protected. Crop contamination and nitrogen loss are significantly reduced. It maximises the fertiliser’s agronomic powers. The vertical macerator provided as standard guarantees even outlet distribution. A pair of wheels control the injection depth and stabilise the traction power.


  • Maximum value out of organic fertiliser
  • No nitrogen loss through volatilisation and run-off
  • No odours spread to the local environment and surrounding areas
  • Increase of spreading surfaces
  • Soil structure respected
  • Protection of plant cover
  • No liquid spillage on plants
  • Soil appetite preserved
  • Quicker return of cattle on fields
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