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Slurry tankers


Our slurry tankers are equipped with our iControl system, available with a joystick or joystick and touchscreen combined. Its intuitive and ergonomic design has been crafted to make your day-to-day operations (filling, transport and spreading) easier. Entirely developed by our engineers, we control all parameters to ensure reliable use and maintenance.

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iC7S : iControl 7S

7″ touchscreen and joystick controller

This user-friendly controller gives you fingertip control of your liquid spreader. Increase your productivity by automating your filling, transport and spreading cycles. Monitor all the information for your operations in real-time and collect this data safely to manage your spreading records. The combination with the joystick gives you access to the main operating functions. Your terminal’s parameters are determined according to your machine’s specifications. You can easily switch to manual mode for any specific operation and have total control over your machine.

  • Optimised touch surface (7” screen)
  • Improved ergonomics and updated interface
  • Simplified terminal set-up
  • Efficient machine steering and control
  • Automated work cycles
  • Real-time feedback on screen
  • Tracking and recording of operations carried out

iCS : iControl S

Multi-function joystick

Simplify steering your tanker with the joystick. Work more comfortably and save time thanks to automated filling, transport and spreading mode functions. The iCS joystick can carry out several functions, from opening valves to starting the turbo filler and positioning implements in work mode.

  • Redesigned and enhanced ergonomics
  • Fits perfectly in the cab interior
  • Easy to use
  • Higher productivity and comfort
  • Browsing between the three working pages
  • Access to the machine’s key functions
Pichon Épandeurs Liquides Commandes Ihm Ics  Icontrol S

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