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The Samson Group unveils new application techniques for optimal use of organic fertilizers

Since May 1st, the Pichon and Samson brands have expanded their product lines with two models of disc
incorporator (CDf & CDx) and a new model of disc injector (IDs). The TSB trailing shoe boom range, launched at
Agritechnica in late 2023, has been extended with the TSB2 models 15-18-21m, while Pichon introduces TSB1 7,5
and 9m. These new application technique enhance the existing ranges and offer significant innovations for users.
Starting this fall, each brand will communicate more precisely and individually about these new tools.

Brown gold at your fingertips

For several years, SAMSON AGRO has been educating its clients on the importance and methods of utilizing the
nutrients found in slurry and manure. Optimal nutrient use is essential not only to ensure sustainable soil fertility
but also to maximize crop yields. “The choice of equipment behind a slurry tanker is crucial. Our state-of-the-art
equipment, designed for surface application, injection, and incorporation, ensures maximum nutrient absorption
by plants. This approach improves soil health and productivity while reducing ammonia emissions, contributing to
a cleaner environment,” says Christophe Marzin, Liquid spreading Products Manager. “By complying with current
and upcoming European regulations, our tools, such as drip hoses booms, trailing shoes booms, injectors, and
incorporators, enable precise and efficient use of organic fertilizers. This not only promotes better air quality but
also helps agricultural fields reach their maximum potential while supporting sustainable and environmentally
friendly farming,” adds Gabriel Lund, Product Marketing Manager.

Choosing injection or incorporation to minimize environmental impact

Driven by the Group’s dynamic, the Pichon and Samson brands have just launched a new injector model and two
new incorporator models on the global market. The goal of these techniques is to minimize environmental impact
through precise application that ensure better nutrient absorption into the soil. Odor emissions and ammonia
losses are minimized. To achieve this, it is essential to choose the right application technique based on various
criteria (soil types/crops, weather conditions, etc.). Injectors allow targeted application at the root level with
minimal soil disturbance, which is ideal for grass and growing crops, focusing on nutrient efficiency and quality.
Incorporators combine fertilization and soil preparation, optimizing the use of organic fertilizers in residential areas
and preparing seedbeds for various agricultural contexts.

The IDs disc injector* offers an injection depth of up to 5 cm and a working width of 8 m. The combination of
two conical discs with the cutting disc allows slurry to be applied to the heart of the furrow. Splashes are avoided,
and the plant cover is protected.

The CDf Disc Incorporator*is designed to work on cluttered surfaces (plant debris, stubble, post-maize
harvest), the CDf disc incorporator features two rows of discs: injectors and coverers, and is available in 4.5m and
6m versions. The first row of discs opens a furrow in the soil, and the diffuser applies the slurry. The second row
covers the furrow.

The CDx disc incorporator* is available in an 8 m version. It is designed for use on heavy soils with large
amounts of plant debris. Equipped with two rows of discs, its robust structure ensures durability and strength. A lateral star disc perfectly levels the soil surface, allowing immediate seeding after incorporation.

Two models of TSB trailing shoes booms for the needs of small and large farms

Unveiled as a preview at Agritechnica, the TSB trailing shoe boom is available in the TSB1 version (1 vertical
distributor – working widths between 7.5 m and 9 m) under the Pichon brand and the TSB2 version (2 vertical
distributors – working widths between 15 m and 24 m) under the Samson brand. In addition to the existing
model, a new TSB2 15-18-21 m boom is now available. The TSB1 range has been developed to replace
spreading with emissive materials such as splash plate. With its streamlined design, the TSB1 trailing shoe
boom is highly maneuverable. It is ideal for for applying organic fertiliser on hilly terrain, and offers excellent
contour following. The TSB2 range, on the other hand, is ideal for contractors and large farms. It offers the
necessary adaptability to meet the most demanding agricultural tasks. Its reliable and flexible design is
intended to maximize productivity. The working widths ensure excellent distribution and uniform lateral
application of fertilizer under different conditions and on all types of soil. As an option on the TSB2 model,
Samson offers the Active Contour System. This technology frees the boom wings to adapt effortlessly to the
field’s contours. The boom design allows easy integration on all tankers, whether new or already in service.


Z.o.o, as well as Samson Agrolize A/S and AB. The group owns the SAMSON and PICHON brands and is among
the leading European suppliers of natural fertilizer spreading machinery and techniques. SAMSON GROUP has
several state-of-the-art production sites in Denmark, France, and Poland, and markets its products with the
support of a well-established network of dealers.

For more information, please contact :

Gabriel Lund
Product Marketing Manager
Portable : +45 9215 4065 – E-mail :

* The IDs and CDf models are available under both the Pichon and Samson brands. The CDx model is only
available under the Samson brand.

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