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PICHON expands its SV liquid organic fertiliser spreader series with the inclusion of 2 new models available for sale: the SV12R single-axle and the SV15R tandem models.

SV12R: a compact and versatile single-axle model

The SV12R model with an actual capacity of 12.2 m3 is the first single-axle model to join the PICHON SV liquid spreader series. Featuring a large number of pre-fittings included on the tank, the SV models are standardised and scalable.
As standard, the SV12R model incorporates a movable bolted axle on the chassis. This allows an optimal distribution of loads on the coupling ring and on the axle depending on the application tool. Tractor traction and driver comfort are improved as a result.
The recessing on this model allows for tyres with a maximum diameter of 1900 mm. This feature guarantees an ideal distribution of soil pressure when applying organic fertilisers.
Combined with the new PICHON ALTA double drain circuit, the SV12R is ideally suited for organic fertiliser applications in hilly areas.

SV15R: a perfect combination of capacity and traction

SV15R: a perfect combination of capacity and traction
The SV15R model with an actual capacity of 15.6 m3 offers a perfect combination of versatility and efficiency, 2 key criteria when it comes to the needs of CUMAs (Cooperatives for sharing farm machinery). The design of the tank allows it to accommodate large diameter wheels (Ø1680 mm) guaranteeing low rolling resistance and better management of fuel consumption.
As standard, the SV15R model is equipped with a tandem with reinforced pivots with dimensions designed for a load of 15t per axle. The axles are prearranged to integrate the teleinflation option. This is designed to preserve the soil structure thanks to an optimised ground contact surface. Teleinflation allows drivers to start their spreading sites in the best conditions at the beginning of the season, where the soil structure is more unstable.
As an option, the load transfer bulkhead guarantees excellent traction and grip of the tractor until the load is emptied. It avoids load shedding on the and strengthens traction. This is a real advantage, especially in hilly areas. Finally, the air circuit allows the second compartment to be drained automatically.

SV : a range with multiple advantages

All SV models are compatible with PICHON organic fertiliser application tools: drip hose booms, incorporators and injectors. There is a tank model for each pumping solution: BP2 arm, plunger and turret.
To facilitate control of the machine, the SV models feature the iControl terminal available in joystick or joystick version with touch screen. This solution has been entirely developed by the manufacturer’s engineering division.
Finally, the choice of tank thickness makes it possible to attain a negative pressure close to -1 bar. This specific feature allows the manufacturer not to restrain the pump by an empty breakable valve and guarantees priming in difficult conditions at significant pit depths.

The SV15R model will be premiered at SIMA at the SAMSON GROUP A/S stand, Hall 7, Stand A85 alongside the group’s 3 nominations for the SIMA Innovation Awards: Opti-Sensor / Samson GSC / ALTA system.

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