Paris, November 08, 2022


The agricultural world has great opportunities for sustainable environmental impact. In this context, SAMSON GROUP A/S, manufacturer of technology for the application of natural fertilisers, feels obligated to help the agricultural industry towards a greener future.

Natural fertiliser is a major asset for soils and crops.

Natural fertilisers (livestock manure, compost, digestate…) contain a high level of nutrients and organic material capable of improving soil fertility. They are an effective contribution to help the field reach its maximum potential. When used properly, they allow substantial savings in the purchase of mineral fertilisers, as well as introducing a sustainable recirculation of recourses.
On SIMA, in Paris, SAMSON GROUP A/S put forward some good practices to maximize the use of natural fertilizers: to carry out a manure plan, to cover its pit, to mix the fertiliser, to make sure of the good meteorological conditions at the time of the spreading or to opt for an application tool less emitting.

Limit ammonia nitrogen losses and maximize the efficiency of organic fertilizers.

The agricultural industry has the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint from its activities significantly. The national plan for the reduction of atmospheric pollutant emissions (PREPA) aims to eliminate the most emissive equipment such as broad spreading equipment by 2025. In this perspective and to improve air quality, SAMSON GROUP develops and manufactures equipment and application techniques that are increasingly efficient and respectful of the environment and people. The SAMSON GROUP offers a wide range of drip hose booms, injectors, incorporators, and spreaders for organic material. With focus on incorporation of fertiliser into the soil which significantly reduces ammonia emissions and increases the potential of a higher crop yield.

Know the content of the natural fertiliser to better control its application.

SAMSON GROUP A/S is currently developing and testing two analysis tools capable of measuring NPK values and dry matter content in liquid and solid natural fertilisers. SAMSON SlurryLab sensor (awarded at Agritechnica) uses Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology, and the Opti-Sensor (gold medal at SIMA) uses near infrared (NIR) technology. Knowing the exact composition of the natural fertiliser allows for precise application in nutrient units per hectare. Also, it will be possible to practice geolocalized application thanks to GPS and variable rate and section control technologies. Fully introduced capable of minimizing the over- and under dosing of valuable nutrients.

A calculator to evaluate the value of livestock manure.

On the SIMA, SAMSON GROUP A/S high lightens its online calculator. This calculator allows the farmer to enter his farm data to determine the economic value of his natural fertiliser. It also reviews the farmer’s practices to determine the percentage of use and loss from storage to application.
To contribute its knowledge to sustainable agriculture, SAMSON published a small green booklet in 2013 with the main tips to maximize the use of natural fertilisers. SAMSON GROUP A/S wishes to accompany farmers in the challenge of developing a sustainable future.

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