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In 2021, PICHON unveiled its new SV organic liquid fertiliser spreader series, Slurry Vacuum. Featuring a scalable design offering the user more flexibility, the SV models have proven themselves successful on the terrain. Two years later, the Danish manufacturer is continuing its journey by officially announcing the distribution of 2 new twin-axle models: the SV13 model, available with Bogie or Tandem axles and the recessed SV13R model, which can be fitted with wheels up to 1,680 mm in diameter.

CUMA and farmers remain the main focus

The SV13 models stand out for their versatility and fully meet the needs of cooperatives for the use of agricultural equipment (CUMA) and farmers with a spreading plan ranging between 1,000 and 5,000 m3 of organic liquid fertiliser per year. Their design is compatible with all application equipment manufactured by SAMSON AGRO, including drip hose booms, injectors, and incorporators. Thanks to their compactness and axle centre distance of over 1.80 metres, the measurements of these SV13 models call for minimal tractive power. They are perfect for tractors under 180 hp. For filling operations, the SV13 model can fit a BP2 arm or PICHON plunger arm. Additionally, the recessed version can be equipped with a turret arm for more flexibility.

SV13R: a world-class build

The SV13R’s integrated chassis with recessed wheels gives it a low centre of gravity and unparalleled
manoeuvrability without the need for large tyres. These features relating to the overall weight make
it a trustworthy partner for spreading operations on hilly terrain. The SV13R’s configuration and
dimensions satisfy the specifications of other European Union countries. With this equipment, the
PICHON brand intends to expand its presence on a global scale.

For further information, please contact:

Christophe MARZIN,
Product Manager, Slurry Tankers
Tél. : +33 (0)6 08 45 54 35 – Email :

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