Viborg, May the 2nd 2023

PICHON in new colors – going green

The colour red has been a consistent part of the PICHON brand for decades. But as of today, 2nd May 2023, SAMSON GROUP announces a colour change. PICHON turns green.

With respect for the past and the vision of tomorrow

Through the change of colour, SAMSON GROUP affirms its desire to associate the PICHON brand image with its other brand SAMSON and with the values of the group concerning development of technologies for sustainable agriculture and the green agenda. PICHON slurry tankers and muck spreaders will retain the galvanised colour, while the red elements turn green or black. Machines can also be delivered in green colour.

Laurine Pedrono, communication officer at SAMSON GROUP explains: “Together SAMSON and PICHON are growing into a very strong unit. Both brands come with a long and proud story in the agricultural machinery industry. The colour change is a natural step in the common growth path we are on. We are very happy to link the PICHON brand now also visibly to the SAMSON brand”.

Perfect match

SAMSON GROUP has worked on visually linking the PICHON brand to the environmental initiatives that SAMSON GROUP is among first movers on for a while. Group Market Director in SAMSON GROUP A/S, Peter Thorn, explains: “Both SAMSON and PICHON machines support an environment friendly application approach, where the utilisation of the nutritional value of organic fertilisers is optimised. With the colour change we want to emphasise, that the SAMSON and PICHON product portfolios stands for the same high profiled green image.”

The trend across Europe is unambiguous towards farmers being increasingly environmentally and financially motivated to fit various implements on slurry tankers. Application technology is highly prioritised within SAMSON GROUP:“Injectors, incorporators and drip hose booms with an initial fit in either the SAMSON or PICHON product range will become available for slurry tankers of both brands, if applicable. Going forward, it will be very easy to mix and match SAMSON and PICHON products. The technologies match and now also the colours” Peter Thorn concludes.


SAMSON GROUP comprises the companies SAMSON AGRO A/S, SAMSON AGRO SASU, SAMSON AGRO SP Z.o.o. and Samson Agrolize A/S and Samson Agrolize AB. The group owns the SAMSON and PICHON brands and is a leading European supplier of natural fertiliser machines and associated application technology. SAMSON GROUP has state-of-the-art production units in Denmark, France and Poland and sells its products through a well-established network of dealers.

For further information, please contact:

Laurine PEDRONO,
Communication officer SAMSON GROUP A/S
Phone: +33 (0)6 02 01 21 77  – Email:

Peter THORN,
Group Market Director SAMSON GROUP A/S
Phone: +45 23 71 42 86  – Email:

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