Reduce maintenance costs, avoid downtime and extend service life for your PICHON equipment

Care for your PICHON – use INVICTUS lubrication grease

INVICTUS lubrication grease is designed especially to be used on all PICHON equipment. It is developed for usage on heavy loaded bearings and bushings as well as in central lubrication systems with long greasing lines and high pressures. It protects efficiently against corossion and rust even in the presence of slurry, muck or in wet environment. With INVICTUS Grease we offer you a proper grease for maintenance and service, where extended service life and avoidance of downtime is the outmost important factor. These features are core benefits utilized on your PICHON machinery to make sure that you get the best out of the daily work with your professional equipment.

INVICTUS grease meets following standards

  • DIN 51 502 category KP2K-30
  • ISO 6743-9:1987 category ISO-L-XCCIB2
  • SKF Emcor WWO – distilled water / seawater

INVICTUS Grease is based on a anhydrous calcium soap and a heavy mineral oil and fortified with extreme pressure additive, corrosion inhibitor, antioxidant and polymer to improve adhesion and repel water ingress.

INVICTUS Grease may be used over a wide temperature range from –30° C to 120° C.

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Advantages of INVICTUS Grease

  • genuine PICHON part ensure lifetime of your equipment
  • developed for usage in systems with long greasing lines and high pressures
  • protects efficiently against corossion and rust even in the presence of slurry and muck
  • extends service life and lifetime of components and wear parts
  • for manual and/or central lubrication
  • wide temperature range (–30° C to 120° C)
  • prolonging of lubrication intervals due to good anti-wear properties especially at vibrations or shock load
  • suitable for all PICHON equipment or as chassis grease in tractors, combine harvester, straw baler, excavators, farming and forestry equipment etc.
955000122INVICTUS grease cartridge 420 ml
955000122X12 ( 1 carton x 12 cartouches)INVICTUS grease cartridge 420 ml x12 pieces
95500012350 kg can INVICTUS grease

Your local dealer can provide you with INVICTUS Grease